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Press a key on a physical keyboard in the input field to get its Unicode character code.

Use the following HTML syntax to produce special characters: &#unicode;
Example: HTML for Registered Tradmark = ®
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Picture of Andrew H, site Overseer.

Hello, my name is Andrew and I currently work on my lonesome writing software and building what I trust are accessible websites. You have arrived at the HTML primer page of my Simplyinformed website; this page is meant to help anyone wanting to know about the basics of coding HTML, CSS and JavaScript to produce webpages. As I work a lot with people who are blind or visually impaired, I have tried to make this page screen reader friendly. For anyone who is not aware, Screen Readers are special programs that read the content of the displayed screen to those who are having difficulty reading the screen contents for themselves. I hope this page will enable anyone wanting to understand how the code that drives wepage content works. By selecting exampled code you can start to see how HTML, CSS and JavaScript code works. You can edit (mess around with the selected example code in any window), or create brand new code as you feel more confident. Above all I hope you enjoy using and accessing this webpage. Feel free if you want to contact me to complain, or maybe even complement me on my efforts. Kind Regards, Andrew H.

Please contact me (Andrew H)


If you are able to see my photo above, no, I don't have radio waves emitting from my head, it's the lounge light shining just behind me as I snapped a selfie - in case you were wondering. :-)

You can also find me at the WVS Warwickshire Vision Support Nuneaton 'Drop in centre' most Thursday mornings 10:00 - 12:00 where I provide one to one I.T. support for clients with visual impairment. The Nuneaton 'Drop in centre' is at the Newtown Community centre just behind Nuneaton bus station.
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