Welcome to the 'Doe Ray Me, Play' application, you are positioned on the first 
    'Doe Ray Me, Play' Logo linked image. 
    This logo image shows three musical notes placed on a musical stave, with the words
    'Doe Ray Me,' situated above the stave, and the word 'play' situated below the stave.  
    There are five elements across the first row of the displayed screen, 
    this logo image button is the first of the five elements. It is located at the top left 
    hand corner of the screen display, on the first row; activate this button to hear the 
    welcome message for the 'Doe Ray Me,', Springboard Application. Activate for Current Song List Springboard into Music Logo, shows image of man diving into water, beneath 
    the water there is a picture of a Tin Whistle in its horizontal position. 
    this button image is the middle element of five elements in the first row, 
    it is the third element. Activating this button will open a new window taking you to  
    my main website, simply informed.uk . To return back to this webpage, 
    just close the newly opened window. 
    The element to the left of this Springboard into Music logo, is a link which when 
    activated will take you to the list of current songs listed in alphabetical order. 
    To the right of this element you will find a link which when activated will open up
    an Email dialogue window, should you want to conact me, Andrew H. 
    Activate to Email Andrew H Second Doe Ray Me, Play Logo linked image, this image is at the top right hand corner of the first row, 
    activate to hear the welcome message again.

Song List

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Au Clair de la Lune, Number 2
Banks of the Ohio, Number 8
Barcarolle, Number 6
Danny Boy 12
God Save the King, Number 9
Happy Birthday, Number 3
Lightly Row, Number 5
Love me Tender , Number 11
Mary Had a Little lamb, Number 1
Scarborough Fair, Number 10
The Sound of Silence, Number 13
When the Saints go Marching in, Number 4
White Rose of Athens, Number 7