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    across the screen.
    Hello from Andrew H and welcome to the Simply Informed Word Power application, which will eventually 
    provide access to 100 short stories or poems, presented in audible format.
    Anyone can contribute to the ongoing content as long as contributers are willing 
    to make their contributions freely available. Full credits will be listed with all 
    For more information please email me (Andrew H) by activating the S I Logo, top Centre 
    Image on this screen; this will take you to my main website, where contact information 
    is available via the main menu on the Simply Informed website.
    Please visit the Contributors link at the top right hand side of this screen if 
    you would like to see a list of contributors to this project. You are situated on one of three images positioned at the top of the screen. 
    You are on the centre image displaying the Simply Informed Logo, activate this image to be taken to my main website. You are situated at the top right hand of the screen, on the last of three images.
  This image shows several large jigsaw pieces, sporadically position as if dropped
  in a pile. Each piece of the jigsaw puzzle contains a picture of a persons face. 
  Hopefully portraying that any group of people is made up of individuals with different values, appearances and needs.
  But together we can join in and contribute to make something of pleasure for everyone. 
  Activate this link to view a list of contributors to this project.

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Audio List

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The Chosen scene Jesus heals the paralytic.
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Crabs have feelings too, by Jean Harris.

Button 3
Minty the Lamb by Jean Harris.

More Audio entrees will be added over time.