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    Activating the current image speaks the welcome message, which is, Welcome to the Simply Informed Word Power Application which will eventually 
    provide access to 100 short stories or poems, presented in audible format.
    Anyone can contribute to the ongoing content as long as contributors are willing 
    to make their contributions freely available. Full credits will be listed with all 
    For more information please email me (Andrew H) by activating the S I Logo, top Centre 
    Image on this screen; this will take you to my main website where contact information 
    is available via the main menu on the Simply Informed website.
    Enormous thanks to the Talisman Theatre in Kenilworth for allowing me access to their 
    Tea with the Talisman Series of plays produced during the Covid lockdown period. For more information on The 
    Talisman Theatre, please visit the Contributors link, at the top right hand side of this 
    screen. You are situated at the top of the screen in the middle of three images. This is the Simply informed website Logo, activate this image to go to my main website. My contact information 
    is found by accessing the main menu on my Simply Informed website. You are situated at the top right hand of the screen, on the last of three images.
  This image shows several large jigsaw pieces, sporadically position as if dropped
  in a pile. Each piece of the jigsaw puzzle contains a picture of a persons face. 
  Hopefully portraying that any group of people is made up of individuals with different values, appearances and needs.
  But together we can join in and contribute to make something of pleasure for everyone.

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Audio List

Button 1
A Talisman Theatre Play: '1101 Wellington Way' by Vivian C. Lermond
A young man has moved into an apartment next to a curious, elderly lady but he can't understand her interference in his life and resents her critical attitude.
Featuring: Christine Carpenter, Matt Baxter & John Francis.
Directed by Bryan Ferriman.

Button 2
A Talisman Theatre Play: 'A conversation about Mum' by John Busser
Walter is sat on a bench at the cemetery, being held to account for his past by Jeremy, the son that he walked out on. As father and son churn over Walter's memories and regrets, Jeremy urges his dad to try to reconcile with his mother, before it might be too late.
Featuring: Dave Crossfield & Laurie Weston.
Directed by Paige Phelps.

Button 3
A Talisman Theatre Play: 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' – licensed by Scripts for Stage
Goldilocks has an attitude problem and there has been a complete breakdown in communication between her and her mum.
Fortunately an intervention is about to be staged….
Performed by members of A Talisman Youth Theatre and featuring Leigh as Goldilocks, Kathryn as Goldilocks' Mother, Jacob as Daddy Bear, Annabel as Mummy Bear and Emily as Baby Bear
Directed by Kathy Buckingham-Underhill

Button 4
A Talisman Theatre Play: 'No surgical stockings' by Alison Shutt
Micky, an accomplished bachelor in his late 60's and Lizzy a shrewd, sixty-something stylish widow. have adjourned to a hotel for evening drinks after a mutual friend's funeral and are reminiscing over missed opportunities.
Featuring: Vanessa Comer & Rod Wilkinson.
Directed by Vanessa Comer.

Button 5
A Talisman Theatre Play:
'Not a Friend of the Family' by Nicolas Ridley

Two complete strangers find themselves standing in the rain at the funeral of a man they discover is exceedingly well known individually to each.
Neither could have foreseen the impact this simple revelation would have on their perception of the deceased or their own past.
Featuring Mark Roberts as Timothy and Julia Findlay as Jacqueline.
Directed by Bill Wilkinson.

Button 6
A Talisman Theatre Play: 'Our Gordon's Brother' by Richard Smithson
Set in Yorkshire, an elderly mother brews a cup of tea, sits down and recounts how people have wanted to talk with her about her son, who is making a bit of a name for himself.
Thinking they mean her son Gordon, they're in fact talking about her other son Alan.
Featuring Vicky Whitehill as the mother. Directed by Henri West.

Button 7
A Talisman Theatre Play: The Bell Inn The Bell Inn by Janet Smith
Our final Tea with the Tali offers something dark, mysterious and foggy and all may not be as it seems.
Tired and hungry travellers are lured to an unusual pub by the tolling of a mysterious bell. The food smells delicious but something is troubling about their fellow diners….
Directed by Kathy Buckingham-Underhill.

Button 8
A Talisman Theatre Play: 'The Raven' by Edgar Allan Poe – Adapted by Peter Nuttall
Poe sits alone in his home, quietly reading and drinking his cocoa. Imagine his surprise when, so late at night, a strange visitor comes knocking on the door…
Featuring Colin Ritchie as Poe, Galli Donaldson as the Raven
With Additional voices from Galli Donaldson and Peter Weston
Directed by Galli Donaldson

Button 9
A Talisman Theatre Play: 'Win-Win' by Teresa Robertson
Darren hates his job for the Special Treats Company and just has time to fit in one quick call before the highlight of his day – the lunch break. This call, far from being quick, drives Darren mad with frustration and he longs to end it so he can finally go to lunch with his colleague Dave. But are he and this caller both able to take something from their conversation?
Featuring Henri West as Darren and Teresa Robertson as Nana.
Directed by Henri and Teresa.

Button 10
A Talisman Theatre Play: 'Would You?' by Rachel Feeny-Williams
Three strangers meet in a bar, favourite drinks in hand and an opportunity to moan about their loves and losses. It's a perfectly serendipitous evening – or is it? “Would you?” is a perfectly innocent question, until someone asks you.
Featuring: Matt Baxter, Clare Connolly, Sam Harris and James Harris.
Directed by Katie-Anne Ray.

Button 11
Crabs have feelings too by Jean Harris.

Button 12
I Am London by Paul Bowler.

Button 13
I Blink by Paul Bowler.

Button 14
The Planet Is Crying by Paul Bowler.

Button 15
Post Box 3 by Wendy Pope.