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Welcome to the Simply Informed website.

This site is meant to be a central source of information for all working in the Visual Impairment arena, who need to understand some of the basics in setting up today’s Smart Phones, Tablets and Computers.

I also include a page containing links to Useful Sites that you might like to check out, under the general heading of Health, Welfare, Social and Charity Sites.

As of May 2019 a brand new page has been added focusing on Creativity, please go to SI Creativity Gallery page for more information.

In readiness for 2020 a brand new page has been added focusing on HTML development; this page is for anyone wanting to start HTML coding, or for anyone wanting to know what makes web pages work, if interested please go to VIP HTML Primer page for more information. On your first visit to the "VIP HTML Primer Page", I suggest you navigate to the Audio Help Section, where there is a drop down list of some basic topics, choose the Introduction topic (which is the default option) and then make sure you activate the "Select Audio Button"; to make this the current topic, you can then chose the Play or Pause buttons which follow the Select button as required to listen to the selected help content.

Some of the links on this site will take you to a text only page which is easy to navigate using your preferred Screen Reader, other links will take you to standard web pages, if you follow a link to a web page that is difficult to navigate using a screen reader, then please email me at and I will do my best to provide a repurposed text only version of that page, adding a new link to it on this site for you to follow.

It is my wish that this site should grow to provide more generic impartial information on other products and services that are of use to anyone struggling with sight issues. Most of us benefit from reviews by people who have had a good experience with a product or service. So ideally I would prefer that the site content is driven by Users, who feel it would benefit others, if they shared their personal experience of a product or service.

If you have any ideas please feel free to contact me at, of course any contributors will be given full credit for anything they generate that is then added to this site. For those of you reading this page with a screen reader, the email address to contact me on is, overseer at simply informed dot u k, there are no spaces between the simply informed bit, and yes it is only dot u k, not anything else.

This is a not for profit site which is populated by myself on a purely voluntary basis.

I would like to acknowledge the work of CALL Scotland who are the current distributors for the WordTalk text-to-speech plug-in for MSWord, which I use for generation of the audible content available on this site. The author of WordTalk is Mr Rod Macaulay. For more information please visit Wordtalk

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To search for text primarily in other pages of the Simplyinformed Website, enter text in the search box below. To get back from the search results Press ALT and Left Arrow. Please note there may be a few initial links that take you to other sites that match your site search string, these can of course be disregarded if you only want to be taken to content on this site. Please note that the Search box is displayed as a table with one row and three columns, in other there are three cells in the search table layout. Cell one is where you enter your search string and press enter, or move to cell two to activate the Search Button. Move to cell three to find the clear search content button to clear out the text in cell on, ready to enter a new search string. Use the Up and Down arrows to move through search table cells when using NVDA. Once the Narrator has been taken to the search box press the enter key so that the screen reader switches into text input mode.

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