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My Basic Maths resources

At one stage of my life in the dim and distance past I taught maths at a local college to adults; who struggled with understanding basic maths concepts, in their earlier education (myself included).

So I have included here some of the material I generated whilst teaching that might prove helpful to anyone struggling with some of the basics, or anyone working with others and in need of some reference material to work from. I would of course urge anyone not to soley use my material here but to find other material that would complement my material as we all have different learning styles.
I suggest therefore that you take a peek at the useful links section, towards the bottom of this page.
Being almost human it is possible that some errors may have crept into my work, if so I applogise in advance and would ask you let me know if you come accross any of errors or things that don't make sense. You can contact me at: overseer@simplyinformed.uk
More material will be added over the coming weeks. Please feel free to copy and distrubute as required.

Please note: Page Under Construction

Current Topics

Picture of lots of numbers


Types of number
Laws governing maths operations
Negatives 1
Negatives 2
Multiplication Table Square
Finger Multplication 6-10
Finger Multplication 9
Factors and Multiples
Long Division


Picture of lots of numbers

Fractions starter
Fractions starter. ANSWERS
Understanding the Common Denominator


Picture of lots of numbers

The Decimal Point
Decimal starter
Decimals in a page


Picture of lots of numbers

Percentage squares
Percentages of Money
Percentages of Money Questions & Answers


Picture of lots of numbers

Beginning Algebra

Handling Data

Picture of lots of numbers Average and Spread
Types of Chart
Making sense of numeric data #1
Making sense of numeric data #2

Topic Tests

Picture of lots of numbers

See what you can remember. Answers on page 2 of each test.
Test 1
Test 1
Test 2
Test 3
Test 4
Test 5
Test 6
Test 7
Test 8
Test 9

Relax Time

Now something more relaxing, try this online jigsaw puzzle, start at easy level with less pieces (maybe 10 - 15), to get the hang of moving pieces on the screen:

Jigsaw planet.

Useful maths website links

Home Schooling resources
BBC Bitsize
Maths Playground Does contain adverts but provides maths activities that most children would like.

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