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Simply Informed Spring into Music

Picture of Feadog Tin Whistle in D.

Run by: Andrew H

Venue: CAVA: Newtown Community Centre, Nuneaton

Welcome to the Simply Informed Spring into Music webpage.

This page covers the initial music for the Spring into Music Session run at the Newtown Community Centre in Nuneaton (just behind the Nuneaton Bus Station).

All you need to join the group is a Tin Whistle in D and a bit of humour :-)
Tin Whistles are very cheap (around £10 or even less), currently we use the FeaDog Tin Whistle in D, available on Amazon.
Here is a video by a popular YouTube Tin Whistle player known as CutiePie, evaluating the Feadog Whistle. Feadog Whistle review by CutiePie.

You can of course move onto more expensive whistles, e.g. The Eric the Flutemaker collection, The LIR Whistle, MCNEELA Music Instruments, in fact just search on the Internet and you will find many suppliers.

If you would like to know more then please email me Andrew H at overseer@simplyinformed.uk or call into to the Community Centre and enquire at the Office.

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This site is still in development, if you notice any errors please email me, Andrew H at overseer@simplyinformed.uk
Many Thanks.

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Music Session AJH MP3 Files

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Mary had a little lamb
Au Clair De La Lune
Happy Birthday_Intro
Happy Birthday
When the Saints Go Marching In
Lightly Row
God Save the Queen 1
God Save the Queen 2
In The Bleak Midwinter
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Jingle Bells
Banks of the Ohio
Scarborough Fair
Love me Tender
Danny Boy
The Sound of Silence
The Wombling Song

Music Session Song MP3 Files

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Mary had a little lamb
Au Clair de la Lune
Happy Birthday
O When the Saints
Lightly Row
White Rose of Athens
Banks of the Ohio
Bye Bye Love
Sound of Silence
Danny Boy
Amazing Grace
Scarborough Fair
Annie’s Song
Bright Eyes
In The Bleak Midwinter
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Little Donkey
Jingle Bells
Love Me Tender
The Sound of Silence
The Wombling

Music Session TuneText Files

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TuneText files are formatted so they can be played on your device (Android, Apple or Windows) using the 'DoReMi Play' online App; with this App you can step through a melody and hear the notes spoken to you, so even if you are Visibly impaired you can learn any Tune. There are many more options available when using the 'DoReMi Play' App, for more information or supplort using the 'DoReMi Play' App, please ontact me Andrew H at overseer@simplyinformed.uk

    TuneText now files available for you to download:

    Mary had a little lamb
    Au Clair de la Lune
    Happy Birthday
    O When the Saints
    Lightly Row
    White Rose of Athens
    Lightly Row
    God Save the Queen
    In The Bleak Midwinter
    We Wish You A Merry Christmas
    Little Donkey
    Jingle Bells
    Banks of the Ohio
    Scarborough Fair
    Love me tender
    Danny Boy
    The Sound of Silence
    Wombling Song

    The above 'TuneText' files must be opened with the 'DoReMi App', see this link. DoReMi App

    List of videos for current song list

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    If you need to purchase lyrics or scores for the songs detailed below please visit your nearest Music Shop, carry out a search on the Internet, or perhaps visit either of these two sites: MusicRoom and Musescore.com.

    Please take note, these YouTube tune versions might be in a different key to your Whistle; they are included to remind you of the tune.

    1. Mary had a little lamb
    2. Au Clair de la Lune
    3. Happy Birthday
    4. O When the Saints
    5. Barcarolle
    6. Lightly Row
    7. White Rose of Athens
    8. Banks of the Ohio
    9. Bye Bye Love
    10. Sound of Silence
    11. Danny Boy
    12. Amazing Grace
    13. Titanic
    14. Annie’s Song
    15. Greensleeves
    16. Bright Eyes
    17. God Save the Queen
    18. In The Bleak Midwinter
    19. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
    20. Little Donkey
    21. Jingle Bells
    22. Scarborough Fair
    23. Love Me Tender
    24. Danny Boy
    25. The Sound of Silence
    26. The Wombles Song
    27. We wish you a Merry Christmas

    For other songs not listed try this link: Musixmatch

    Youtube Whistle Musicians

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    Please note that some of the music in these videos will have been mastered; this means the music has been altered by hardware or software to enhance its quality, by adding such effects as reverb (echo effect) or removing any unwanted squeaky sounds.

    This is something anyone can acheive with the appropriate hardware or software, it's not magic.

    Gabriels Oboe by CutiePie (Stephanie Burton).
    Stephanie is a prolific Tin Whistle / Irish Whistle player and regularily posts videos on YouTube, if you want to see how well the Tin Whistle can be played, or learn some new tunes, I strongly suggest you visit YouTube and search for 'CutiePie'.

    Some Thoughts on the Irish Pennywhistle by Eric the Flutemaker.

    Traditional Irish Tin Whistle Music 🎵🎵 [Doolin Style].

    Epic Tin Whistle Bros.

    Eanach Dhuin Low D Whistle.

    "Celtic Hymn" on Tin Whistle in D--Original Composition.

    Woodnitza - The Butterfly (Irish folk song - Tin Whistle & Acoustic Guitar).

    Different Types of Flutes

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    Sir James Galway plays a few McManus flutes.
    MacManghuis Flutes Belfast

    American Native flute, discussed by Gina Luciani.

    Chinese Whistle played by Johnny Lipford.

    Brazilian Major - Bamboo Side-blown flute, played by Johnny Lipford.

    Indian Bamboo flutes, discussed by CutiPie.

    Susato, Shearwater bass whistle, Bansuri and Chinese Dizi. Review by CutiePie.

    Erik The Flutemaker Arabian Pennywhistle, discussed by CutiPie.

    Eric the Flutemaker's main website.

    The Spiel by Eric the Flutemaker.

    Easy Tin Whistle Songs

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    youcanplayit.com Recorder, Tin Whistle, Piano... Videos, playback normal and slow speed.

    www.musicianwave.com 10 Easy Tin Whistle Songs for Beginners (With Videos).

    tinwhistlemusic.org Easy Category for Beginners.

    learntinwhistle.com Tin Whistle Tabs & Sheet Music Notes.

    whistletabs.com Songs and Tunes plus Practice Tunes.

    Irish-Folk-Songs.com Pop Songs.

    Irish-Folk-Songs.com Christmas Carols.

    Irish-Folk-Songs.com Irish Folk Songs.

    www.8notes.com Tin Whistle (Penny Whistle) Playalong Jam Tracks

    Useful Resources

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    Adding ECHO to Tin Whistle Recordings in Sony Vegas Movie Studio by CutiePie

    Tin whistle + large acoustic reverb = heaven music

    Best Mic for Tin Whistle: Plus Tips For Recording

    Roland Cube Street for Native American Flutes. Review by Jonny Lipford

    Learn TIN Whistle

    Fiddling with my Whistle

    8 Notes

    Ultimate Tabs: Lyrics + Chords

    Your Chords: Lyrics/Chords - Search by Song/Artist


    (Draft) Circle of Fifths + Tips

    Online Guitar Chords

    Auto Chord Progressions

    Online Piano Scales

    Fordham U's Intro to playing the Irish Whistle.

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