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Basic Windows Keyboard Commands Refresher

First a reminder of the Windows navigation short cut keys.

To go to the System Tray or Notification area.
Press Windows key plus B.

To go to Top of page.
Press Control plus Home.

To go to End of page.
Press Control plus End.

To go to end of line.
Press End.
Note, to set the number of characters narrated by NVDA in a line go to NVDA menu, Preferences, Browse mode, and press enter to adjust the number of characters per line.
To go to start of line.
Press Home.

To go to next word.
Press Control plus Right Arrow.

To go to previous word.
Press Control and Left Arrow.

To go to previous paragraph.
Press Control and Up Arrow.

To go to next line ending.
Press Control and Down Arrow.

To display Find menu.
Press Control plus F.

To display Replace menu.
Press Control plus H.

To go to Address Bar.
Press Alt plus D.

To go to Search Bar.
Press Control plus E.

To Refresh Webpage.
Press Control plus R.

To refresh Webpage excluding cache.
Press Shift plus R.

To open a new application window.
Press Control plus N.

To open the Utilility Window.
Press Control plus U.

To move viewport up.
Press Page Up.

To move viewport down.
Press Page down.

To view task manager.
Press Control plus shift plus Escape.

Toggle 'Sticky Keys' on/off.
Press Shift Key 5 times quickly.
When on, you don't have to press modification keys - CTL, ALT, DEL etc all at the same time.
Useful if you have difficulty pressing more than one modifier key at a time with one hand.
Note pressing any two keys at the same time will also turn 'Sticky Keys' off.

NVDA Basic Keyboard Commands

Below are some of the basic NVDA commands for moving around a document or Webpage. The list is not exhaustive but will enable you to make a good start using this screen reader software. The NVDA key, is either the Insert or Caps Lock keys. This is configured via the main NVDA menu. The NVDA key can be changed to the Caps Lock key by selecting this option on the first Welcome Screen.

To Start NVDA Application.
Press Control plus ALT plus N.

To Exit Application.
Press NVDA plus Q.

To Read all.
Press NVDA and A.

To Read contents of Pop-up message box.
Press NVDA and B.

To pause or continue the NVDA narrator.
Press the Shift key repeatedly, to select pause or continue.

To Read a Character or Line.
Press Arrow Right or Down. Or NVDA plus L.

To Read a Word.
Press Control plus Right Arrow.

To Read from current position to end.
For Desktop keyboard. Press NVDA plus Arrow down.

To Read from current position to end.
For Laptop keyboard. Press NVDA plus Arrow down or NVDA plus A to read from last cursor position.

To Pause Speech.
Press Control or Shift. (Does not work with all Synthesizers – OK with MicroSoft eSpeak)

To Toggle Speech mode Talk on or off, or select Speed mode Beeps
Press NVDA plus S, each time this sequence is pressed you will cycle through the three available modes.

To find some text, when navigating a webpage in browse mode.
Press NVDA plus F3.

Toggle between Focus and Browse Mode.
In Focus mode you can use the arrow keys to move through the text as normal.
In Browse mode using the arrows or special letters will move between elements or objects.
Press the NVDA key plus the Spacebar to toggle between Focus and Browse modes. NVDA will make a different sound for each selected mode, a beep means you are in browse mode.

To display the NVDA Menu.
Press NVDA plus N.

Use arrow keys to navigate around menus. If you know the name of the menu item you can navigate around the menu, using the first letter of the desired menu option only.

To navigate Land Marks.
NVDA plus D.
Note: Landmarks take you to the start of pre-defined areas on the screen that are the start of major useful sections that you can quickly access using the letter D in browse mode. For example a Menu area or a Search area. Not all Webpages support land marks, so this might not work for some websites you visit.

To get NVDA to announce Time and Date.
NVDA plus F12 once for Time. NVDA plus F12 pressed quickly twice, for Date.

To get NVDA to announce a letter phonetically.
NVDA plus full stop pressed quickly twice.

To get NVDA to enter sleep mode.
NVDA + shift + s, or if you have NVDA in laptop keyboard layout press NVDA + shift + z.

!!! To toggle input help on or off !!!
NVDA plus 1.

To toggle speak typed characters on or off.
NVDA plus 2.

To toggle speak typed words on or off.
NVDA plus 3.

For the status of your battery.
Press NVDA plus Shift plus B.

To find where you are currently positioned on the current screen.
Press NVDA plus TAB.

To find where you are at on the current screen and have it spelled out to you.
Press NVDA TAB, pressing TAB quickly twice.

To go to the Next or Previous Webpage.
Press ALT plus right arrow or left arrow.

To hear the Window Title announced.
Press NVDA plus T.

To Pass next key through.
Press NVDA plus F2.

To Report current Focus. Or which window or application is currently active.
Press NVDA plus Tab.

Toggle Focus Mode (Enter edit mode).
Press NVDA plus Spacebar.

Toggle application sleep mode on and off
Press NVDA plus Shift plus S.
Sleep mode disables all NVDA commands and speech/braille output for the current application. This is most useful in applications that provide their own speech or screen reading features. Press this command again to disable sleep mode.

Report text in Clipboard.
Press NVDA plus C.

NVDA Table commands.

To Move to next column.
Press Control plus Alt plus left Arrow.

To Move to previous column.
Press Control plus Alt plus left Arrow.

To Move to next row.
Press Control plus Alt plus down Arrow.

To Move to previous row.
Press Control plus Alt plus up Arrow.

NVDA Webpage commands.

To Move to Heading.                Press H.
To Move to List.                   Press L.
To Move to List Item.              Press I.

To Move to Table.                  Press T.

To Move to Link.                   Press K.
To Move to non-linked text.        Press N.

To Move to Form.                   Press F.

To Move to Unvisited link.         Press U.
To Move to Visited link.           Press V.

To Move to Edit Field.             Press E.

To Move to Button.                 Press B.
To Activate Button.                Press Enter.

To Move to checkbox.               Press X.

To Move to Combo box.              Press C.
To Move to Radio Button.           Press R.

To Move to block Quote.            Press Q.

To Move to Separator.              Press S.

To Move to Frame.                  Press F.

To Move to Graphic.                Press G.

To Move to embedded Object.        Press O.
To Move to landmark.               Press D.

To Move to heading levels 1 to 6.  Press 1 – 6.

To Move around table cells.        Press Control plus ALT plus Arrows.
To display the Element List.       Press NVDA plus F7.

To Move around elements.           Press Down Arrow.

To Check or uncheck box or radio button.     Press Spacebar or Enter

Note to Move back through webpage elements.  Press Shift plus Move letter (see above).

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Accessibility Page Control Section

Keyboard control (Chrome/Safari): Screen Speak - Press ALT + s, Pause Audio - Press Alt + p. To reset/reload page activate the Reload Page button below.

Search Section

If you are using a laptop, then to search for text on any currently displayed page press Control and F, then enter the required search text in the displayed search box. Any text found in the current page will be highlighted, you can use the up and down symbols displayed within the search box to search forward or backwards for occurrences of your search text.

If you are accessing this site via a smart phone or tablet, you will need to navigate to the 'More options' button, usually towards the top right hand side of your screen, to access your device Search options for the currently displayed page. Note that sometimes instead of the word 'Search' your device might display 'Find in page' as the option to select for searching the current page.

To search for text primarily in other pages of the Simplyinformed Website, enter text in the search box below. To get back from the search results Press ALT and Left Arrow. Please note there may be a few initial links that take you to other sites that match your site search string, these can of course be disregarded if you only want to be taken to content on this site. Please note that the Search box is displayed as a table with one row and three columns, in other there are three cells in the search table layout. Cell one is where you enter your search string and press enter, or move to cell two to activate the Search Button. Move to cell three to find the clear search content button to clear out the text in cell on, ready to enter a new search string. Use the Up and Down arrows to move through search table cells when using NVDA. Once the Narrator has been taken to the search box press the enter key so that the screen reader switches into text input mode.

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